Women of the Maasai Culture


This video demonstrates a new movement in the Maasai culture. In the past, when a girl in the Maasai tribe becomes of age (usually around 13 years old) they are to go through a ceremony to become a woman. This ceremony often involved female genital mutilation and many women and some men in the tribe are now taking a stand against it and proposing an alternative for the young girls.

The alternative Rite of Passage involves encouraging the girls to have a continuous education. The ceremony takes place over two days; and they have female leaders who help in breaking down the stigmas of female circumcision. A lot of young girls in the tribe believe that to be uncircumcised is a curse, that you will not be wanted and they you did not have a choice. The new alternative is a great way in educating the girls in health and human rights.

Below is a 15 minute video documenting the new Rite of Passage - Becoming Maasai Women

Why Is This Important?

We learn here that the Maasai women are a large influence in the functionality of the Maasai tribes and culture. In changing the traditional rite of passage to one of empowerment and promotion of continuous education it gives the Maasai women knowledge and power to do become who they would like to become. Tembo has worked with the women of the tribes in the past; there is potential for the women to be micro-entrepreneurs.

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