Maasai Voices on Climate Change

This is an insightful documentary, shot, directed and edited by some people in the Maasai tribe. It deals with the good and bad effects of climate change, and changes to the land.

A quick summary of some of the scenes:

  • A man talks about how the rains are unreliable, and unpredictable.
  • A woman talks about how some things are better now since they don't have to eat porridge and blood as she used to as a child.
  • A man talks about how the river is drying out because of over population, tourist camps, and the cutting down of trees. He suggests that people should be educated to stop cutting down trees in excess and to use water from river more carefully. 
  • Grazing land is now being demarcated with fences, reducing the amount of land that cows have to graze. A youth talks about how they might have to reduce the number of cows they own to have a healthy cow future.

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