Sorting your trash: a responsible and worthy endeavor


Some villagers of different parts of Tanzania scrounge the Arusha City Dump for coveted glass, plastic bottles, tin cans and scrap metal to collect and sell. The dump allows for the unemployed to earn a living, gaining enough to survive. A thing they lack is the protective clothing such as gloves and glasses that help them continue this job safely. A villager, originally from the Kilimanjaro region uses the money he earns scavenging to help take care of his family and pay school fees. 

These materials can be sold to various enterprises for money such as Maendelo Plastic who then sell to other enterprises such as A to Z Textile Mills Ltd.

The villagers request government help as the working environment is littered with dangerous chemicals, disease and sharp edges.

Sorting your trash: A responsible and worthy endeavor. (2011, October 2). Retrieved October 8, 2014, from

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