Blood bricks instead of Mud bricks


One of the many waste materials available in the world is animal waste and with the Maasai's main culture in herding animals comes with a potential abundance of animal waste as well. Each cow, for example can contain approximately 8 gallons of blood.

 An architect graduate by the name of Jack Munro has realized the potential and developed a concept called blood bricks. These bricks replace mud and water with blood and sand, then a preservative is added, shaped and baked for 160 degrees F for an hour and out comes a stable waterproof brick. This concept is a potential venture into reducing the usage of water as brick making requires a large amount of water that is later wasted when it evaporates into the air while the bricks are in the kiln. It also utilizes a cost-effective, ready-made waste material.

The main problem however is if this concept is considered taboo as some animals, notably the cows, are prized and whether or not the usage of their blood would be a welcomed concept. Another is the unknown of how much potential blood is available in Longido. Questions arise such as "Do the Maasai regularly use their animals for food?" and "Would they accept the concept, using the blood waste in bricks?" or even "Is this concept of more value to the people of Longido than just using regular bricks?". Technical problems arise as well as it is still unknown whether or not these bricks are at least as strong as regular bricks created in Longido. Hopefully these will be answered in the future.

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