A summary of popular Tanzanian dishes


     (Ugali and cabbage)

This website highlights some of Tanzania's most well-known traditional dishes:

  • Ugali (stiff dough prepared with cornmeal, cassava flour, sorghum or millet)
  • Nyama Choma (grilled meat)
  • Pilau (rice dish)
  • Chapatti Bread (unleavened flat bread)
  • Mchemsho (a.k.a. Trouper, carrots, potatoes, green beans, eggplant, cabbage, onions, bananas, tomatoes, ladies' finger, sweet pepper, and spices)
  • Ndizi Nyama (a stew of green bananas with meat or fish)
  • Supu ya Ndizi (plantain soup)
  • Wali na Maharage (rice and beans)
  • Ndizi Kaanga (fried plantains or green bananas)
  • Wali wa Nazi (rice made with coconut milk). Mainly eaten by members of the Swahili community

Why this is important: it shows the ingredients common in that area and allows us to roughly gauge the nutritional value of their most popular meals

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