Project TEMBO

Tembo Guesthouse

With a little over fifty days to go before we head on over to Tanzania, it seems fitting to explain a little about Project TEMBO and their involvement with our program. We will be staying at the TEMBO Guesthouse for the majority of the two week trip as we continue our research and develop ideas for our fourth year project.

Women of the Maasai Tribe

Project TEMBO (TEMBO standing for Tanzania Education and Micro-business Opportunities), is a Canadian Charity in Longido, Tanzania. They work closely with the locals and the Maasai Tribe in empowering women and helping in promoting micro-entrepreneurship.

You can learn more about Project Tembo here.

Why is this important?

Treasurer, Virginia Taylor of Project Tembo is our liason throughout our fourth year project. She is currently on the ground in Tanzania and have been answering our questions via conference calls and emails. When we get to Longido, she will be the one helping us with coordinating our research and communicating with the locals.

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