MondoChallenge charity work: Water programs & Internet Centre


Water programs (Longido & Arusha)
MondoChallenge has assessed the need for water for the people of Longido and their livestock. They worked together with Buro Four and local workers to install four water harvesting systems for families and a large water tank for one of the community buidings. These systems were inspired by the traditional Thai Jar system.

In northern Tanzania, north of Arusha, MondoChallenge have installed water tanks in classroom so that students and teachers have access to water and therefore spend more time in the classroom.

Internet Centre (Longido)
To help the Maasai people of longido learn more of the outside world, together with Buro Four and the Mondo Foundation, they set up an internet facility for the community in 2008. This facility contained 10 solar powered computers that had access to the internet via satellite

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