Maasai On the Move - A Documentary

“It’s simply not in the character of the Maasai to sell the cattle and keep the money”
The drought has forced the Maasai to abandon farming and breed cattle.
“If we gave up cattle we would not be Maasai”
Drought has caused the cattle to die in large numbers and the people fear they are next. The Maasai hypothesize that factories are causing global warming which is causing climate change for them.
Village leaders want to send their children to school and educate them but when they become educated they start to refuse the traditions of their parents. Girls do not want to be the 2nd or 3rd wife.
 Why This is Important
It gives some cultural insights into how the Maasai are thinking about change and development and the future and how it affects their culture and traditions.
Maasai on the move-with English subtitles. (2010). Retrieved October 5, 2014, from

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