MPower in Longido

Image from here of MPower and Off the Grid Electric in Arusha, Tanzania

Currently in Longido, Tanzania there is a group from MPower working with solar panels to provide energy to the residents of the village. MPower is an Arusha based company that has helped residents of Tanzania gain access to electiricty through their mobile based daily service of solar energy. MPower is a company under Off Grid Electric which is part of a larger company, Ashden Solutions; who look in providing alternative energy to all. MPower happens to be the name of the program in place in Tanzania where users can use a pay-as-you go type of service to have electricity. A lot of residents in rural areas are not connected to the electric grid system and because MPower allows for a mobile solar alternative, people are able to have access to electricity from the installation of solar units from MPower.

The workers of MPower and the business itself relies heavily on the use of mobile phones. They pay with their phones, attend to customer service, book keeping... Their business model runs off of a "cloud"and makes use of technology to run smoothly. Below is a short video explaining more in depth their business model.

Why is this important?
This shows us of current ongoing projects that are successful and sustainable through a business model in Tanzania. It also demonstrates how Tanzanians have embraced technology and made it applicable and ameliorative to their daily lives. 

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