Water Demand in Longido


Virginia Taylor, our current liaison in Longido, Tanzania was able to provide us with some quantitative data on the consumption of water in the village. The following are taken from the email provided by her.

  • Domestic Water Demand:
    • per capita: 25 L
    • per livestock unit: 25 L (1 livestock unit is equivalent to 1 cattle, 2 donkeys, 5 goats/sheep and 30 poultry) 
  • Commercial Water Demand:
    • Hotel: 70 L/ bed per day
    • Bars: 70 L/ per day
    • Shops: 25 L/ per day
  • Institutional Water Demand:
    • Day Schools: 10 L/student
    • Boarding Schools: 70 L/student
    • Health Care Dispensary: 10 L/visitor per day
    • Non Modern Health Care Centre: 50 L/bed per day
    • Modern Health Care Centre: 100 L/ bed per day
    • Administration Offices - pit latrine: 10 L/ worker per day
    • Administration Offices - urban area: 70 L/worker per day

Why is this important?

This allows for quantitative calculations and provides a minimum number requirement for any design or solution to be considered in water collection, retrieval, and conservation.

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