Water Harvesting in Lushoto, Tanzania


In the past few years, a water harvesting project in Lushoto, Tanzania was funded by the Tanzania Development Trust in the United Kingdom. They encountered a few bumps along the development of the project but in the end, the project was a success. They had some trouble with funding since there was a fluctuation in costs.

The goal of the project was to help the Kitala Secondary School in having access to water. A lot of the students would miss classes because water had to be harvested from water sources far from the school. They implemented two large water tanks that house 5000L of water and overflow pipes to collect water during the rainy seasons.

Overall everyone was happy with the project, here are some comments from students and teachers:

“ We used to spend a lot of time going to fetch water down the hill, sometime we use more than two
periods (80 minutes) out of the class but now we are very happy that we use most of our time in
studying rather than thinking and moving for water” - STUDENT

"We thank the Head of School (Mama Rose Msagati) for her critical thinking on how to solve
water problem at Kitala Secondary School and decide to find the people to support the water
harvesting project. We get a lot of benefits from the project as; (1) Saving time: We were not teaching some of the periods during morning waiting for the students who went down the hill to fetch water but now every period is covered effectively; (2) Teachers living in school house were getting trouble spending money in buying water which costs Tsh.500/= per bucket brought but now they are living very comfortably; (3) We learnt how to harvest water in our homes; (4) We get water for drinking, cleaning and we are now teaching in clean classrooms etc..." - TEACHER

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