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The village of Longido is located in the Longido District which spans an area northwest of Mount Longido in the Arusha Region. The Arusha Region is located in Northern Tanzania, touching the boarder of Kenya. Arusha is the closet metropolis to the village of Longido and many travelers pass through here to reach the village.  The area of Longido is extremely dry, getting only minimal or no rain during the dry season (June – October) and more than 150mm during the peak of the rainy season (November-May). 

Water is collected during the rainy season but the main water source comes from the spring of Mount Longido. The residents of Longido walk long distances to get water in a fairly hot and dry climate. The ground is very hard and can grow limited produce. (Link to Agriculture Post) 

The area of Northern Tanzania, where the Longido district is located, is mostly inhabited by people of the Maasai tribes. These people have long been nomads but in the past years they have started settling into villages. The wealth of a Maasai is determined by how many cattle he owns, the Maasai believe that the cattle where given to them from God and take a lot of pride in their herds. The women of the Maasai tribe take care of the domestic tasks. Most people in the village Longido don't have a high education rate. Most people have a primary school education based knowledge. 

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