Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern


(Season 04, Episode 01 - Tanzania)

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The episode:

Andrew reflects on Tanzania, he brews beer, and spends time with the Maasai tribe:

In this episode of Bizarre Foods, Mister Andrew Zimmern travels to Arusha highlighting three main traditional dishes of the Maasai tribe: 

1. Supu: a soup made from goat lungs, heart, and liver, cow stomach, intestines, and tongue. Eaten as a breakfast food, and also a great cure for a hangover.

2. Cow blood mixed with milk: After shooting an arrow into the jugular vein of the cow, the blood that flows forth is collected into a hollowed-out gourd. The cow isn't killed and the wound heals by itself. They drink the blood during dry season when there isn't enough milk yield. Women drink it after giving birth to recover quickly. It's nutritious, makes you strong, and acts as a meal replacement - keeping the consumer full all day.

3. A tonic is made for male warriors during a traditional Masai Orpul, or meat camp (a male bonding experience where the warriors in the camp pass on the arts of being a traditional Masai elder to the younger generation). They drink it to expand their stomach then consume as much meat as possible over the course of five days. It's a soup made from meat, blood, herbs, and the bark of an acacia tree.

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