Summary of current technology and local design

Energy Sources:
  • Solar and diesel generators are the most common sources of energy in remote areas of Tanzania. 
  • Patrick Ngowi, CEO of Helvetic Solar has built a company worth $8 Million. There is a large untapped market for solar energy. 

Mobile Use:
  • Phones are now available for the price of a goat. 
  • The Maasai are quickly adopting mobile phones to inform each other of watering holes, get medical aid, and even make financial transactions.  
Social Networking:
  • Tanzanians are jumping onto the social networking band wagon
  • Websites such as Jamii Forums are very active and have locals discussing everything from politics and philosophy to dating troubles. 
  • There is a new social platform called Whive that helps local start ups and businesses market their products to the locals through SMS, facebook and twitter.
Local Design aesthetics:
  • Bridging technology with the environment through locally made fabrics.Inline image 1
  • The traditional draped clothing of Tanzania is called the Kanga. Kanga's all have the same format. Colourful imagery and a broad border framing a motivational or positive text.
    Inline image 2

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