Community: Education and Children


“Educating girls is a sure way to raise economic productivity, lower child and maternal mortality, improve nutritional status and health, reduce poverty, and eliminate HIV/AIDS and other diseases.”      

Girls studying in Longido- Image from Tembo

 According to, primary education has been growing since 1996, when 86 schools were present, to 95 in 2007. However, they note that the lack of private sector participation has slowed the grow in recent years. "The Primary Education Act of 1978 requires that every school age going child should be enrolled and complete primary education." Improved parental participation and provision of meals has helped improve completion rate.

Organizations such as Tembo have been contributing to improving education among girls and young women in Longido.

Why This is Important:

Education is the key to success for young people. It is important for us to understand the level of education that the average user has, and it is important that we have an understanding of the typical education system. In Longido, we should understand how the education system fits into daily life. When considering design for children, such as educational spaces, playgrounds or community spaces, the school system and level of education comes into play.


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