Task List for Oct. 10th


These are the steps that must be taken to prepare for our Review on October 10

  • Set up Group Blog
  • Create a list of problem areas and design objective - Identify possible areas for design
  • Create a working Bibliography of references and Resources, familiarize ourselves with these resources:
  • Local Newspapers (Ex Arusha News) - Interviews with people who have done this type of work before, such as Virginia (Compile a list of Questions for Virginia)
  • -Read "design for the other 90%"
  • -Read "fortune at the bottom of the pyramid"
  • - Find other library books on history of Masai, Tanzania, and its people to paint a broader cultural picture
  • -Attend "Tonight for Tanzania" on September 27
  • -Attend Tanzania photo exhibit on Wellington, showing until sept 17
  • -Speak to Bjarki about Design for the other 90% after conference for additional insights

Sectors of Research Assigned:
  • Maps & geographic conditions, climates, vegetation – Charlotte
  • Culture, traditions, the people – Charlotte
  • Economies, trade, type of economy – monetary vs bartering – Zach
  • Education, social politics – Tricia
  • First world aid, the savior complex, previous aid projects attempted, ethics – Kim
  • Food, crops, resources – Laura
  • Current solutions for problem areas such as water, garbage, etc. – Sandeep
  • A day in the life of – Tricia
  • Environmental concerns, garbage concerns, air quality, water quality, nutritional quality – Chad
  • Design in Tanzania (local design such as beads, dresses, etc.) vs outside world – Sandeep
  • Everyone will do some research into the culture to help out with that broad section

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