Modular Water Storage: Early Prototyping

I created a series of small desktop models to examine form and interaction points. 

I used a variety of materials. One of my first models used Tupperware containers to make " small scale tanks"

I looked at bags with solid exteriors as a potential solution...

And used tessellating tiles to find appropriate forms 

I began my prototyping process by creating simple desktop models. I used cardboard, paper, found objects such as water bottles, and plastic bags. From these models I was able to learn about collapsible forms, stack-able forms and nesting forms. One method that I used frequently was creating tiles that tessellated to find the most effective way of saving space and optimizing volume.

I also created a full scale model to gain a sense of the space that the actual tank might occupy.
To hold about 400 L, a semi-rectangular tank would need to be approx = 85cm x 40cm x 130cm

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