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Groasis Waterboxx 

The Water box mimics the way a seed grows when a bird poops. The dung keeps the water from evaporating which allows the seed to grow. This design mimics that with a plastic housing. Smart!

DRIPS Project

 This project gathers dew that collects on the broad funnel shape and delivers it right to the roots of a plant.

Nature that collects dew 

(Source:Optimal Design of Permeable Fiber Network Structures)

Namib Desert Beatle
Grass in the region of the desert beatle
Tree canopies with slender leaves
Spider webs

Why This is Important

The WaterBoxx is based on biomimicry which I think is a great concept we have not explored yet. Also the DRIPS project was inspired by the dung beetle how it gathers dew from the desert floor every morning.


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